1811, 2015

What to expect from your first speech pathology appointment…

So the time has come. You’re off to see a speech pathologist. Perhaps you feel relieved that you’re going to get some answers and address some of your concerns? Maybe you’re feeling annoyed that you have to do this at all since you’re really only going to get others off [...]

1111, 2015

Working Memory and it’s impact on children’s learning

Researchers estimate that about 10-15% of children at school have working memory problems, but these are often misidentified as deficits of attention or intelligence (Holmes, 2009). Therefore, it is important for us to help parents and teachers understand what working memory is, how it affects a child’s learning, and what [...]

2210, 2015

Hearing in Children – Why you might not even realise there’s a problem…

If you have ever had concerns about your child’s speech and language development, you’ve probably been asked at some point, “Have you had their hearing tested?”. In my experience, the most common response is, “No, but I know their hearing is fine”. Do you? Because, here’s the thing. Hearing loss [...]